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FREE DOWNLOAD The Pearl of the Caribbean

The Pearl of the Caribbean Deluxe

Welcome to Paradise! Travel and relive the Caribbean paradise with the new Deluxe Pearl slot machine . Immerse yourself in the minigames and discover your dazzling new graphics. What are you waiting for to relive the Caribbean experience?

What’s your favorite minigame? The Deluxe Pearl of the Caribbean slot machine brings you great variety:

  • Kettledrums Choose the best rhythm to obtain the best bonus.
  • Let’s surf! Relaxation time, will you get the best wave?
  • Bikinis Choose which of the three girls you think is hiding the best reward. Did you guess right?
  • Hermits Choose one of the three hermits. Will you find the one who offers you the most coins?
  • Total Coconuts Wow. So many coconuts! They’ll be falling from the sky with different prizes. Press when you think it’s the best time.
  • Fishing Would you like to fish in paradise? Come with your yacht and choose the best fish. A reward is waiting for you behind it.

Still need more reasons to play? Let’s go, download the app and play the most Caribbean slot machine available!

This product is intended for people over the age of 21 for entertainment purposes. Success in social casino games does not imply success in the future with gambling games using real money. These games are not “gambling games with real money” and they do not offer the chance to win real money or prizes.