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How can I find my user ID?
If you want to find your user ID, click on the menu, and in the lower part of the screen you will see your player ID consisting of numbers and letters.
Currently, this ID cannot be changed. We will let you know if this option becomes available.


Go back to see the game instructions
By clicking on Help, you will find the game instructions.
If you have read the instructions and you still have a question, you can contact us through the following e-mail address: laperladelcaribedeluxe@socialgamesonline.io


I've bought coins but I've not received them
Bear in mind that your purchase might take a few minutes to be added to your scoreboard. If this happens to you, let us know so that we can try and sort out the issue for next time. Send us an e-mail to laperladelcaribedeluxe@socialgamesonline.io explaining your situation.
If you've bought coins and not received them, there might have been a problem in the payment process. Contact us now, providing the requested information, depending on where you made the purchase:
  • Android Application.. Tell us your user ID, what you were purchasing and also the GPA number that is sent as proof of the transaction that you received from Google Play.
  • iOS Application. If you made the purchase through iOS you must contact this platform, as we cannot manage their transactions. The following are the steps for filing a claim:
    1. Open iTunes and access your account.
    2. In the menu bar on the upper part of the screen or in the upper part of the iTunes window, click "Account" and then "See my account".
    3. On the Account information page, scroll to Purchase History. Click on "See all" on the right of the most recent purchase.
    4. To consult the purchase information, click on the arrow to the left of the order date.
    5. Explain the problem you've had by clicking on "Report a problem". You'll find this option below the details of the selected purchase.
What payment methods can I use?
You can get more coins for more fun through the payment methods associated with the device you use.


How can I get coins?
You can get free coins in the following ways:
  • Daily bonus. The more days in a row you enter, the bigger your treasure will be!
  • Bonus every 4 hours. Don't forget to pick up your supplies every 4 hours. Combine your best weapons!
  • Passing missions.Complete all the missions to unlock the coin chest.
  • Purchasing coins in the store.


What are the missions?
Monday to Sunday, there are three missions to pass every day! In order to be able to participate, you need a minimum bet of 1,000 coins. Each mission, you’ll have your challenge and individual REWARD. Remember that you have to pass them within 24 hours given that they will change the following day. If you complete ALL of the day’s missions, your reward will be bigger! You’ll be able to obtain the CHEST, which depending on the difficulty of each mission, will have a different reward.
How do I get the chest?
You can only obtain the chest when you’ve passed ALL of the day’s missions before time runs out. You have 24 hours! Remember that the reward will vary depending on the level of difficulty of the missions.
How do I start a mission?
To complete a mission, you simply need to start playing directly from the main screen of the game.
The “MISSIONS” section will help you to:
  • Find out the different challenges you have to take on to complete the missions, and it will show you the reward for each one.
  • Monitor the missions that you complete.
  • Know how much there is left to complete in order to obtain the Chest.
  • Collect the reward from the missions that you complete.
  • Check how much time you have left to complete the day's missions before they are refreshed.
What are the rewards?
Each mission has its individual reward. The prize is always granted in the form of COINS. The amount of coins awarded depends on the difficulty of each mission completed. The more difficult the mission, the bigger the reward.
When and how is a passed mission paid?
You’ll receive the reward for each mission once you've passed it, but in order to add it to your scoreboard, remember that you need to collect it.
How do I collect the reward?
Once you’ve passed a mission, you’ll receive a notification in the “MISSIONS” section. You’ll be able to immediately access a button that will allow you to “Collect the reward.” If you click on it, the coins will automatically be added to your scoreboard.


What is the function of the agapornis?
The agapornis will randomly jump toward the rollers and will help you achieve winning combinations. Get the figure of the agapornis on the rollers and you’ll have consecutive turns where you’ll be able to access new combinations with an award on the top screen.
How can I see the betting level at which I am playing?
To see the betting level, you have to dropdown the menu that appears on the side of the bet you currently have. If you drag the blue dropdown menu to one side, you’ll see that you can raise the bet up to 50k. You decide at what level you want to bet!
Where can I find the prize table?
You can find the prize table by opening the dropdown menu that you find on the side of the betting level at which you are playing.
How do the nudges work?
To use the nudges, which are shown in the form of coconuts, you just need to select the roller on which you want to move forward. If you want to activate the automatic nudges, you just need to press the sign that appears next to the pearl. This way, you’ll immediately change the function from manual to automatic and vice versa.
What are the turtles on the top screen for?
You get the turtles on the top screen of the machine and are continuously added. Once you have filled up the turtle scoreboard, you get a prize from the top screen and enter a minigame. Once you have the prize or you've entered the minigame, the turtle scoreboard goes back to 0.
How do I get the surfers above the rollers on the bottom screen?
You get the surfers in the prize line at the bottom. Once you get the 4 surfers, an animation starts on the lower rollers to indicate the special turn. When you press the play button, you will win a prize. Once you have received the prize, the surfer’s scoreboard will be empty again, that is, it is reset to 0.


I can't find the answer to my question.
If you're looking for help with a problem or question and haven't found what you were looking for, send us an email explaining the issue to laperladelcaribedeluxe@socialgamesonline.io